About Leela


I have loved travelling since I lived in Nigeria and Kenya with small children, and the places I’ve been to since – from Beijing to California, Lesotho to Reykjavik – make me want to write about them. I’ve been married to the philosopher Robin Attfield for 45 years and we have seven grandchildren, of whom six survive. Come with me into the chilly waters off the Gower as I pour myself into my new wetsuit so as to swim with them!

I’ve always been something of an outsider. I began life in Golders Green with a kindly Indian father and a strict Danish mother, and have lived in the same house in Cardiff nearly all my adult life. After history at Oxford I was briefly a teacher before

selling dress fabrics in a snooty up-market store which complained about my untidy appearance. I wrote for a local paper and later after a degree in computing I set up and managed an online database about housing research. I was a proofreader and sub-editor for the Big Issue Cymru and wrote several book reviews for them. I’ve published a couple of novels and a collection of short stories. At the moment two of my short stories have been chosen for the Five Stop Story website and another story, “Damage”, is due to come out in a collection published by Bridge House.