Imagine a computer program so intelligent that it can write a novel… This is the powerful story of one family throughout the twentieth century, involving an Indian home in Calcutta before the First World War, a Jewish dentist in Nuremberg in the 1930s and an artificial intelligence research unit in a contemporary British university.

The story moves from Golders Green via South Wales to Los Angeles. A Quaker business meeting in Germany in 1936 is interwoven with a Quaker weekend gathering of the mid-1990s as two parallel story lines starting at either end of the century gradually converge.

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Mathison, Chapter One

Reviewers have been “impressed with the assured way [the author] handles the interveaving plot-lines and jumps in time without ever leaving the reader confused.”
- Stevie Krayer

Indeed the reader rapidly gets caught up in the sufferings and joys of the characters – and ambushed by the surprise ending. “Mathison is a compelling, thought-provoking and entertaining novel… the real struggle will come with forcing yourself to stop reading.”
- The Big Issue Cymru



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