Only a Signal Shown


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The reviews published in The Friend of June 20th by two men currently at HMP Grendon are now on Leela’s  blog along with a review by Sheila Stevenson of two of Leela’s earlier books.

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Eleanor falls in love with Alec at university in the 1970s, but she feels forced to give him up because she needs to discover what she is truly capable of. She knows she could never be content merely to be Alec’s wife and supporter, a style of life she witnesses when they visit Alec’s expatriate uncle and aunt in Nigeria. Eleanor must find out if her sketching can lead to a successful and fulfilling career.

The story has several layers and deep emotional secrets are uncovered as Alec and Eleanor run into each other in many different countries over the years, waving to each other like ships that pass… In Alec’s dysfunctional family, his mother clearly despises Eleanor in the beginning, and his father suffers from terrible nightmares caused by his fighting in the Monte Cassino campaign during the Second World War. Alec’s brother – the charismatic clown of the family – is a bitter childhood rival but eventually comes to defend him. These and other threads are skilfully drawn together as the novel comes to a satisfying climax.

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She has written novels, children’s books and short stories about foreign travel, artificial intelligence, cruise missiles, time travel, Quakers and many other topics. She is fascinated by the blackly comical – divorce, death and drains…